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TBE & Reform Judaism

Temple Beth El Synagogue is proud to be affiliated to Reform Judaism.

We welcome applications for membership from all who are Jewish – whether this Jewish line is on their fathers’ or their mothers’ side – and couples or families where at least one member is Jewish.

TBE Families

Our TBE Family membership is open to EVERYONE.

This includes those in same-sex partnerships, as well as single parent families where the children are Jewish but the parent is not.

We also offer Single and Student memberships.

TBE is self-supporting, and all members contribute financially to the running of the temple. There are annual membership dues for different categories of household, but no one is prevented from joining through financial hardship.

Please fill in the interest form below and someone will contact you to about your interest in joining our wonderful temple!


Welcome! We are so excited you would like to join our congregation. Please fill out the information below so we can contact you about joining! Thank you so much.
Please note that at least one adult member of your household must be Jewish in order to apply for membership. If you are guardians of Jewish children, please contact the office for membership information.
(main contact)
(main contact)
(main contact)
Please select the number of adults, including yourself, in your household below and the fields for the application will populate for the adults. 
Please include your spouse / domestic partner, parents, and adult children living in your household.
Membership Application Information
Children - Please select the number of children who reside with you and fill out the information as it applies to each child. (children under 24)
Membership Application - Child Information
(ex: she/her, he/him, they/them)
(if it's Summer, put in the grade they will be in the coming Fall)

Yahrzeit Information: Please fill out the information below for whom you wish Yahrzeit (remembrance) notices sent:
(this field helps populate the amount of fields you will need below for each Yahrzeit)
Yahrzeit Information

2023 Dues Pledge/Payment - Please complete each section below:
  • No one will be denied Temple membership if they make a pledge based on their ability to contribute, and then keep their agreement.  The Temple holds all financial matters in confidence.
  • Members are expected to pay their voluntary fair share of dues.  The Board of Directors suggests using at least 2% of adjusted gross annual income as a guideline. However, we encourage giving above this amount as this helps us support all our members and ensure that everyone has access to a center for Jewish life, education, and worship.
  • All members must pay their dues and maintenance/facility fee according to the payment schedule they choose.  They must remain current on that schedule in order to be able to have their children in school, to have Life Cycle events at the Temple, to participate in committees or on the Board, or attend High Holy Day Services.
  • Members who experience a change in their financial situation must let the Finance Director or Administrator know as soon as possible so that adjustments can be made to their fee schedule.
  • 30-day letters will be sent to members who are in arrears.  If no arrangement has been made and no payment received, their membership will be suspended.  If no arrangements are made after 15 more days, their membership may be revoked.
How do I figure out my dues pledge?

Suggested minimum per year: $1,200 per family, $800 per single member, $600 per retiree single member, $800 per retired partners/household

Suggested Dues Chart Based on Income:
Income Suggested Dues Pledge
0-$60,000 $1,200 or minimum
$60,000-$80,000 $1,200-$1,600
$80,000-$100,000 $2,000-$2,400
$120,000-$140,000 $2,400-$2,800
$140,000-$160,000 $2,800-$3,200
$160,000-$180,000 $3,200-$3,600
$180,000-$200,000 $3,600-$4,000
Over $200,000 2% of gross income
When you submit this form it will send your information to our Administrator and Membership Chairperson. They will look it over and be in touch to chat with you about joining. Once your application is formally accepted, the administrator will bill your account for the amount submitted. 


Thu, November 30 2023 17 Kislev 5784