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Adult Education

FALL 2021- WINTER 2022

Torah Study with Rabbi Singer
Saturdays 10-11:30 AM, on Zoom

2022: January 15, 22; February 5, 19; March, April, May: TBA

--Scholar-in-residence: Rabbi Michael Lotker
Weekend of January 20-22
--Thursday Evening, Adult Ed: How a Scientist Views religion, God, and belief.
--Friday Shabbat Service Sermon: Torah portion: Yitro—The Ten Commandments. Topic of sermon: Ethics: Medical and Business
--Saturday morning Torah study: Children of Abraham: Comparing Judaism, Christianity and Islam Rabbi Michael Lotker is a second career rabbi having been ordained at age 55 from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) in 2003. He is a physicist who spent his first career in Alternative Energy focusing on wind, solar and geothermal energy. He is widely published. 

--Judaica Sacred Music: From Bor'chu to Beethoven
--Composer Dr. Steve Rothstein will present: The creation of a symphony based on the High Holy Day liturgy. This is a preview of the symphony which will be performed at the Fox TBA.


--Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld: Two sessions in February
Thursdays at 6PM, on Zoom
--February 3: A Tour of Eastern Europe - We Are Alive - This focuses on Prague, Svihov (Czech Republic), and Warsaw. Focusing on Jewish life as it was, good and bad, the contrast between the Shoah and today, for example, in Warsaw, looking at a skyscraper by Daniel Libeskind towering over the remnant of the Ghetto wall.
--February 10: Quantum Leaps in Jewish History Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld- A look at the huge changs in Judaism focusing on Sinai, the destructions of the Temples in 586 and 70, and the Napoleonic Sanhedrin which led to the Reform Movement.

Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld has served congregations in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Buffalo, NY; and Anchorage, Alaska. He has been engaged in interfaith dialogue throughout hus career and has taught college--level courses in New York and Alaska. His hobbies include salmon fishing.

--Dr. Marcia Falk, in-person, discussing her new Haggadah, Night of Beginnings: A Radical Re-Visioning of the Passover Seder
Thursday, 6PM, March 17, in-person and on Zoom.
This Haggadah returns to the roots of the Passover festival with a full recounting of, and original commentary on, the Exodus story. This radicalizing of the seder - rooting it to its most ancient source, which is largely absent from the traditional haggadah and modern haggadot - is also "radical" in another sense, re-creating the rabbinic offering with new blessings.

Dr. Marcia Falk is the author of The Book of Blessings; The Days Between: Blessings, Poems, and Directions of the Heart for the Jewish High Holiday Season; Inner East: Illuminated Poems and Blessings; and other books of poetry and translation.

--Rabbi Suzanne Singer, The Book of Job: How Do We Understand Evil in the World
Thursdays in March and April, 6 PM, in-person and on Zoom
--A four-part series: 1. The suffering of the Innocent. 2. Job's Outrage. 3. Reward and Punishment. 4. God's Response.

Previous Events

-- Dr. Steven Windmueller: Understanding the Changing Nature of Modern Anti-Semitism and Political Hate
What we will need to know in fighting contemporary hate in America, Israel and beyond.
Dr. Windmueller, an astute analyst of modern-day Jewish trends. is Emeritus Professor of Jewish Communal Studies at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC) in Los Angeles.

There are a few articles to read:
"Everybody Hates the Jews" by Bari Weiss.
"The New Anti-Semitism - The Delegitimization of the Jewish People" by Dr. Steven Windmueller.
Why Now? Why Here? Understanding the Rise of Anti-Semitism in America by Dr. Steven Windmueller.


Thu, January 20 2022 18 Sh'vat 5782